Thursday, October 11, 2018

When Credits Roll...

I like to play music on long road trips when I'm off somewhere to do some landscape photography (or running to WalMart, whatever). I like to sing (if not particularly well). It helps keep me awake on those long drives. I've always wished I had some musical talent. I've tried. I really have. There's a cello sitting over in the corner, which I keep in hopes that one day I'll have the time to really dig in and learn it, music theory and all. But that is not this day.

Today I thought I'd throw out a fun post with some of my favorite songs, ones I could imagine rolling at the end of a movie, if my books were ever made into movies. There's only one book of mine thus far that I haven't found a song for.

Many Sparrows doesn't yet have a song, but one day it'll pop up on my radar. For now though, here's some that I think are fitting for my other books.

For my debut novel, Burning Sky, I'd choose the song Going Home by Mary Fahl (used in the film Gods & Generals) a song that always makes me think of Willa Obenchain, and her quest to find a home, both emotionally and physically. Check it out:

For The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn, I can well imagine credits rolling and the song I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz (though I really love this cover by Peter Hollens) playing. I've never found a song that is more perfect for one of my story characters to sing to another. This one would be from Jesse Bird to Tamsen Littlejohn. It mirrors their journey through the story. Have a listen!

For The Pathfinders (The Wood's Edge, A Flight of Arrows) I'd choose Josh Groban's new release, Run. The first time I heard it I imagined Reginald singing parts of it to his daughter, Anna. And I imagined Anna and Two Hawks singing parts of it to each other. Other characters in the story seem to have a voice swirling through these lyrics too. This one makes me cry. Thanks, Josh.

I'm on the look out for that perfect Many Sparrows credit roll tune.... and one for my upcoming release, The King's Mercy, while I'm at it. 


  1. What fun--love all these! They really do seem to fit your stories and characters. :)

    1. And the Josh Groban one... I just love it. I also hear William singing to Anna in it. So much love, so much parting!