Tuesday, August 14, 2018

5 For 5 Burning Sky winners!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for sharing with me how you found my books, I enjoyed reading every one of your posts, even if I haven't had time to respond. I'm in the "final frenzy" stage of the content edits (first round, big story elements) of next year's release, The King's Mercy. I'm hoping to finish it in a matter of days, and at this stage I'm up at 4am and working for as long as the gray matter will keep firing, with no days off until it's done.

Random.org has chosen my five winners for a signed copy of Burning Sky, out of my personal stash.

1. Elsie Upton

2. thatssewtori

3. Desdemona

4. Kathleen Newberry

5. Alexia Bryant

Congratulations winners! I'll be emailing you shortly for a snail mail addy and can have your copies of Burning Sky in the mail by Friday (when I need to come up for air from this edit to do a thing or two outside the house) :)

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