Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Many Sparrows Sneak Peek

For those of you new to my books, or for readers who can't wait for August 29th to get a peek at Many Sparrows, here's a look at the first two chapters! Can't wait for you all to have this book in hand!

“Lori Benton vividly portrays characters wrestling with a God they can’t explain but desperately need to trust. Many Sparrows is a heart-searching story where love trumps hate, and hard-won forgiveness leads to soaring hope. Held captive to the end by the characters’ inescapable conflicts, I shouted for joy when I read the masterful ending. Truly, this is history made personal and believable.”
— Mesu Andrews, author of Miriam


  1. Dear Lori,
    Let me start to tell you i love your books! And i can't wait to read your next one! Can you tell me when it comes in stores in Holland?
    Greats from Holland

    1. Thank you Marleen! I love hearing from readers in Holland. So glad to know you've enjoyed my books. I don't have that information about Many Sparrows but I would think the publisher of my Dutch language books, Kok, will have the release date on their website eventually.

    2. Okee, thanks for the information, i'll ask them! I hope soon! God bless you and your amazing talent!