Friday, March 07, 2014

What Readers Are Saying...

Early reader reviews for The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn are showing up around the net. Here's a (tiny) sample of reader's reactions from Goodreads:

Rebecca writes: "An absolutely wonderful book; extraordinary historical research; rich, enduring characters, and a story line that just kept getting better! And the ending; nothing short of brilliant!"

Rachael writes: "Lori Benton's novel set in the lost state of Franklin - an area now belonging to Tennessee - grabs the attention from page one and never lets go... Fast-paced and riveting, the story not only has a captivating plot and characters, but the setting - both in its depiction of history and descriptions of the Appalachians - is beautifully written."

Amber writes:  "The book is almost 400 pages long and I would not have wanted a single page less. Sometimes you wish for a long book to end because it’s boring, but I only wanted this one to end so that I could know what finally happened!"

Michelle writes: "The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn is incredibly well-researched. The characters grab you by the hand and yell for you to hide from the Indians. They wrap you in a warm wool cloak as you flee your pursuers in the snow and ice. They squeeze tears from your eyes as romance unfolds."

Jennifer writes: "What I adored the most was the story between Tamsen and Jesse. A lot of the time in historical fiction, romance either comes on too suddenly because the characters "don't know any better", or it comes out of the blue because at the last minute the author decided to put them together. This romance took its time and it was well worth reading."

And finally....

Brooke writes: "Though this novel was told from Tamsen’s and Jesse’s point of view my favorite character was Cade—Jesse’s adoptive father.* He was an enigma from the very beginning of the story... However, the mysterious nature of his character drew me more into the novel because I wanted to see more of him."

*Author's Note: Go Team Cade! :) Add a few more years to actor Jason Momoa... and you'll come very close to what Cade looks like.

Thank you to every reader who has taken the time to write and post a review of the book on Goodreads, Blogging for Books, CBD, B&N, other bookseller sites, and your own review blogs. I wish there was time in the day to acknowledge every single one of you individually, but I do read all the reviews of which I'm aware, and greatly appreciate them.


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