Monday, January 06, 2014

Living History at Mount Vernon

photo credit: boboroshi, Flickr commons
I've recently run across some videos from historical Mount Vernon, George Washington's plantation in Virginia, hosted by the men and women who work as curators and living history interpreters at Mount Vernon. 

Here's a marvelous demonstration of weaving on a four poster linen loom. 

Find these videos of Mount Vernon's industries and more at Youtube:

The Grist Mill

Spring Plowing 

The Smokehouse 

The Tombs of Mount Vernon 

The Distillery 

Washington's Dentures

Bee Hives  


  1. I *love* Mount Vernon! I've even had the honor of singing there with my church choir in 2007.

    1. I visited a few times in my younger years, one of which I remember. Had my trip back east been in a different time of year I'd have stayed a bit longer and toured there last week, and seen a few other places in the DC area. Driving to the airport that morning I came home, we passed a sign for Mount Vernon and I had a small twinge of regret. Hard to visit these 18th century sites living on the west coast.

  2. I was telling someone this weekend about the rollers I saw at Mt. Vernon used to smoosh the grass.

    1. What a chore it must have been, keeping a lawn neat and trim in the 18C!