Friday, August 02, 2013

Interviews & Reviews for Burning Sky (week of August 2)

Every Friday for the month of August (at least) I thought I'd round up the interviews about Burning Sky that have gone live during the previous week and put them together for anyone interested in reading them.

This week I'm including the early blog reviews I've been made aware of. Thank you!!! to everyone who has posted an early blog review of Burning Sky. I also value the reviews at sites like Amazon and Goodreads. Your participation and support in the launch of this debut novel is appreciated with all my heart.

Industry Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Romantic Times Book Reviews  named Burning Sky a Top Pick for the month August!


July 26 Interview with Jennifer Major at Tales From the Redhead. Drawing is over (congrats to Patti I. who won a copy of Burning Sky!) but the interview is still up.

Today! Posted August 2 at Colonial Quills (we're having a Tea Party to celebrate the release of Burning Sky and author Carla Gade's colonial novel releasing later this month, Pattern for Romance):

Join us a Colonial Quills today and enter to win a copy of Burning Sky.

Blog Reviews

Posted July 20 by Faith Farrell

Posted July 22 at A Tree, A Book, and A Breeze

Posted July 24 by Book Psycho

Posted July 28 by Daysong Reflections

Posted on July 30 by Perfect Beginnings

Posted July 31 by Writing for Christ

Posted July 31 by Reading For Books

Posted August 1 by Shenandoah's Eclectic Scribblings 

Posted August 2 by Becky Doughty at Braveheart This review moved me to tears. Thank you, Becky!

Posted August 2 by Karen Barnett at Cannot Be Shaken

Posted August 2 by Nettie's Book Nook


  1. Loved this book. Loved it. Thanks for sharing my review.

    1. It's not overstating matters to say it's a dream come true, a dream from the deepest part of this writer's soul, to know you connected with the story and the characters that deeply and took the time to write so beautifully about it.

  2. It's so close to release day--you must be on pins and needles! :)

  3. I'm so honoured to be a part of the launch of this FABULOUS book!!!
    I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!

    1. And I wouldn't want to be doing this without you, Jennifer. Thank you!

  4. Great review! Anyone who is out to buy English books online, must add this book in the list.