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Burning Sky: A Bibliography of the American Frontier

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Here is the mostly complete bibliography I used while researching Burning Sky.

This doesn't include endless trips to the internet to track down bits and pieces, a few library books I likely forgot to record, long since returned. Or the four years worth of research on general 18th century life and times I did for a previous manuscript that of course helped form the foundation of this story too. These are books specific to Burning Sky.

For anyone coming along these same research trails, I hope this list proves helpful.

White Captives 

A NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF MRS. MARY JEMISON. James E. Seaver, Edited by June Namias. University of Oklahoma Press; Norman, OK. 1992.

Mohawk/Iroquois/Native Issues

THE ORDEAL OF THE LONGHOUSE : The Peoples of the Iroquois League in the Era of European Colonization. Daniel K. Richter.

JOSEPH BRANT, Man of Two Worlds. Isabel Thompson Kelsay. Syracuse, NY; Syracuse University Press. 1984

TURTLES, WOLVES, AND BEARS, A Mohawk Family History. Barbara J. Sivertsen. Heritage Books; Westminster, MD. 2006.

KANYEN’KEHA TEWATATI (Let’s Speak Mohawk). David Kanatawakhon Maracle. University of Western Ontario; London, Ontario, Canada. 1990.

ONE THOUSAND USEFUL MOHAWK WORDS. David Kanatawakhon Maracle. University of Western Ontario; London, Ontario, Canada. 1992.

WHAT THE NATIVE AMERICANS WORE, Native American Life. Colleen Madonna Flood Williams. Mason Crest Publishers; Philadelphia, PA. 2003.

NATIVE AMERICANS OF THE GREAT LAKES. Stuart A. Kallen. Lucent Books, Inc.; San
Diego, CA. 2000.

THE IROQUOIS. Evelyn Wolfson. The Millbrook Press; Brookfield, CT. 1992.

THE WILDERNESS WAR. Allan W. Eckert. Little, Brown & Company; Boston, MA. 1978.

INDIANS, Revised Edition. Edwin Tunis. Harper Collins. New York, NY. 1979.

MOHAWK, THE LIFE OF JOSEPH BRANT. John Jakes. Crowell-Collier Press. London.


REALM OF THE IROQUOIS. The Editors of Time-Life Books. Time-Life Books; Alexandria, VA. 1993.

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND HIS LEGACY, Opposing Viewpoints. Mary Ellen Jones, editor. Greenhaven Press, Inc. San Diego, CA. 1992.

Frontier Life

FORTRESS AMERICA, The Forts that Defended America, 1600 to the Present. J. E. Kaufmann & H. W. Kaufmann. Da Capo Press. Cambridge, MA. 2004.

THE FOXFIRE BOOK: Hog Dressing, Log Cabin Building, Mountain Crafts and Foods, Planting by the Signs, Snake Lore, Hunting Tales, Faith Healing, Moonshining, and other affairs of plain living. Elliot Wigginton. Anchor Press/Doubleday. Garden City, NY. 1968.

THE ARK OF EMPIRE, The American Frontier — 1784-1803. Dale Van Every. William Morrow & Company, Inc. New York, NY. 1963.

FRONTIER LIVING. Edwin Tunis. Thomas Y. Crowell, Co. New York, NY. 1961.

A COMPANY OF HEROES, The American Frontier — 1775-1783. Dale Van Every. Arno Press; New York, NY. 1976.


LIVING HISTORY, DRAWING ON THE PAST. Cathy Johnson. Graphis/Fine Arts Press; Excelsior Springs, MO. 1995.

NATURAL HISTORY IN AMERICA, From Mark Catesby to Rachel Carson. Wayne Hanley. Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co.; New York, NY. 1977.

THE NATURES OF JOHN AND WILLIAN BARTRAM. Thomas P. Slaughter. Alfred A. Knofp. New York, NY. 1996.

THE BROTHER GARDENERS, Botany, Empire & the Birth of an Obsession. Andrea Wulf. Alfred A. Knopf; New York, NY. 2009

New York (history, flora, fauna)

ADIRONDACK UPLAND FLORA. Michael Kudish. The Chauncy Press. Saranac, NY. 1992.

THE BLOODY MOHAWK, T. Wood Clarke. The MacMillan Company; New York, NY. 1940.

NEW YORK IN THE CRITICAL PERIOD 1783-1789. E. Wilder Spaulding. Columbia University Press; New York, NY. 1932


  1. Wow!!!
    Like, seriously.
    And the thing is, all this research comes through in the pages of Burning Sky.

    1. Thanks! I had to leave so much out that I'd have liked to include. :) The history lesson must give place to Story.