Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random House Summer Book Club Picks: Burning Sky!

I have some exciting news to share from Random House.

They chose Burning Sky as one of their Book Club recommendations in their Random House Library Marketing brochure.

Take a look.
Readers Advisory: For readers of historical romantic fiction and Christian fiction, especially those who enjoy "frontier" fiction. And for fans of the show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Angela Elwell Hunt's Roanoke series, and books by Diana Gabaldon.
Along with the above readers advisory, and a summary of the book, Random House included four of the Book Club discussion questions I wrote for the Readers Guide at the end of Burning Sky (there are fifteen discussion questions in all).

Thank you, Random House!

Burning Sky releases August 6. Available for pre-order at places like Amazon, CBD, Barnes & Noble, and WaterBrook.


  1. I really enjoy the author's imput with the discussion questions--usually I read through them first, before I read the book. At least I'm not Sarah and don't read the end first--just the questions! :( Hooray for Random House--they know what's good! And so, you are, dear one, so you are! <3

  2. Whoo Hooo! Go, Lori, Go! That's wonderful news! ; )

  3. What great news, Lori! Congratulations. Burning Sky is a must read for anyone who love historical fiction, romance, frontier reads!

  4. This is wonderful! And quite a list of great comparative titles!

  5. Willa is in very good company. Including Mona Hodgson's PRAIRIE SONG.

  6. I LOVED Burning Sky!! I'm so proud of you!!

  7. Exciting news, Lori! Congratulations! :) I hope this brings you even more readers.

  8. Amanda Frank10:32 AM

    Sounds great! Thanks so much for the review, the girls in my book club and I have been looking for a few more books to toss in to our TBR pile. This one sounds awesome, I'll have to put it on my list. Have you heard of "Mofongo” by Cecilia Samartin? It's a wonderful book that we just finished and I'd highly recommend it to others! Her website, http://www.ceciliasamartin.com/, has more info about it if you're interested. Thanks again for the review and suggestion of "Burning Sky"!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I hadn't heard of Cecilia Samartin. I'll check her out.

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