Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Liberty Tea Party at Colonial Quills

"In the 1770's Colonists forsook the partaking of tea imported from the British, and thus American women looked to their own gardens and the world around them to create their own teas."  ~ Carla Gade
Click over to the Tea Party to learn what the colonists used for tea during the War.

And how fun that Carla has done my research for me, all unknowing. Yesterday's work ended with these lines (In May of 1776, Anna has been absentmindedly polishing a cherrywood sideboard):

“Anna, you’ll wear the finish right off that poor thing.”

Anna’s hand jerked to a stop as Lydia set a pewter stand with a candle, lit at the hearth while she’d been miles away in her thoughts, atop the sideboard beside the dishes.

Lydia was right. The cherrywood sideboard gleamed. And her hand was cramping.
“We can use it for a mirror now,” Lydia said, peering at the candlelight reflected off the wood. Then she gave Anna’s face a careful scrutiny. “Shall we take a little break and have some tea?”
Happy Independence Day! 

Fireworks display at Colonial Williamsburg. Photo credit: WDanRoberts via Flickr

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