Saturday, March 24, 2012

7 of Lines

I snagged a meme from Jo Bourne. If you want to play too, go to page 77 of your manuscript, then to line 7, then post the next 7 lines. Here's mine, from my WIP, working titled Stone-Thrower's Son:

“I hope.…” He seemed to think better of whatever he’d intended to say, but the words slipped out anyway. “I hope young van Bergen knows what he’s getting.”
Lydia quirked a brow. “I daresay he does.”
He looked abashed at her wry tone. “I meant that kindly.”
“I know you did, Major.”
She watched his expression ease. Then his mouth tilted at one corner. “You’ve taken to calling Mrs. Doyle by her given name. And my wife by hers. Why do you not call me Reginald?” 

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