Friday, April 22, 2011

Love Delivered Me

Love delivered me, and love created me
to be your companion, mankind
Love sustained me, and love guided me
and love abandoned me here.
Love killed me, and love dragged me
and love laid me on the bier.
Love is my peace, and for love I chose
to redeem mankind at great cost.
So you should fear nothing, 
for I have looked for you
both day and night, 
in order to be your haven;
I have done well, 
for I have won you in battle.

~ from the commonplace book of John Grimstone, 1372 (translation)
~celtic cross photo by cubanjunky

To listen to Love Me Broughte, by Mediaeval Baebes (the lyrics are the same as those in the above translation, but sung in Middle English) click the link below.

A blessed Easter to you...

Because He is Risen!