Thursday, February 10, 2011

Loving the second-born, and third-born, and....

Novel writing and child bearing have been compared in many ways by many writers before this little blog post, but I've had one of those moments today and thought I'd share it before it sinks back under the weight of the every day.

I have to think that falling in love with a new set of characters (after one has written at least one novel already), must be like having a second child. I can imagine a parent thinking initially, "I love my first child so much, how could I possibly love another person with the same intensity and focus?" And then a second child is born, and somehow, you do love that one every bit as much.

After I finished Kindred I didn't think I'd ever love a set of characters as much as I loved Seona and Ian, Thomas, Lily, Judith and the rest. Then I started another novel, and along came Willa, Neil, Joseph, a couple of orphaned children, and surprise if I didn't love them all deeply too.

Now there's Jesse, Cade, and Tamsen, and I'm falling head over heels for them.

I hope it will always be this way, however many books I write. I want to love these story people passionately, care to the bottom of my soul what happens to them, between each other and between their souls and God's heart. I want them to be as real and as substantial as my skill right now can make them. And one day I hope to kindle a little of that love in a reader's heart as well.


  1. I think this is one of the reasons why I like writing series so much. In my historical, I didn't have to say goodbye to my main characters (William, Julia, and Charlotte, specifically) for three books. And I got to add Ned and two more POV characters along the way.

    In the contemporaries, I get to continue to "live with" the characters from the previous books, even though they're secondary characters.

    I think that's why readers like series so much, too. Because we don't have to say goodbye to those characters. Isn't that, after all, why there's fan fiction? ;-)

  2. Kaye, I do hope to revisit some of my characters (from those first two books) in a series, because I'm not ready to say good-bye either. I've started and plotted the book that will tie Kindred and TQITL together, but probably won't work on it further unless there's interest in it being published. A lot has to happen between then and now (like the first two books selling). God willing, it will. Meanwhile, I'm happily falling in love with Jesse, Cade, and Tamsen.

  3. The analogy is so true, Lori! We become so attached to our characters. I always have told my children that love doesn't divide, it multiplies. And I'm so glad it does with our love affair with our characters. And so hope that love gets passed along to readers. I remember the comment Wendy made once at Books n' Such, she knows how talented you are and some day soon you will share your characters with all!

  4. Thank you, Carla! I think the love is needful, otherwise could we possibly make the investment needed to do them and their stories justice?