Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Quiet in the Land

"Lately I've been the quiet one." Or so begins one of the songs on Illuminations, the new CD from Josh Groban that's getting a lot of play time in my house just now. And I have been quiet, especially here on this blog. Maybe it's the season I'm in, a sort of waiting with breath held season, while my projects are shopped around and I wait for news, and I fit in editing of Willa and Neil and Joseph's story around the increased activity and demands that attend the holiday season.

But this morning it's snowing here, coming down in the graying dawn in big slow flakes to coat the street, the lawn, the hedges, and the footprints of my husband and dog, who have already gone out into it for a walk around the neighborhood. I had plans for this morning that included an early trip to the grocery store, before it gets too hectic and crowded, to pick up a few last minute items for our Thanksgiving, which will be celebrated up in the mountains with friends this year.

I'm snowed in for the moment, since I don't have a car that handles snowy roads well. And I've decided to be okay with it. In fact, I've decided to be thankful for it. There's something about snow falling that I still find magical, almost as much as I did as a child. So I'm headed to the window now to watch it for a while, and sip my morning cider. And wherever you are, I hope there's something magical about the season that touches and blesses your soul too.

There's a lot to be thankful for.


  1. Beautifully said, Lori. Oh how I wish I was snowed in (instead of battling the traffic back-up caused by RAIN, as I did this morning). Recognizing a season of quietness is a gift, isn't it? Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Ruth, bless you for that quick comment. I'm thankful for you, your friendship, and your wonderful blog that's pointed me toward more great books, movies, and CHUCK than I can count.

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    You know, I can envision that sweet face of yours as it peers out the window at snowflakes falling down. Enjoy while you can. Got my copy of Josh this morning and will email you my impressions. One song I especially like, and another had me standing with hands raised high in reverence to God.

  4. Doree, wish I could see you from my window! I'll go check for your email. So glad you got a copy this morning. I wasn't sure how I was going to wait until Christmas to talk to you about it! And I've had that happen too with some of his songs, I end up worshiping through them even though I know he's not singing about God. There's something in art itself, I find, in writing or painting or music, that when it touches me deeply it sends my heart soaring in praise to The Creator, who we imitate in our acts of creation.

  5. There's something about music that inspires me in a way writing even can't. And that says a lot. You sound busy but productive and happy, Lori! Glad you got some snow:) It's so lovely but very cold here. Bless you this Thanksgiving!

  6. Very cold here too, Laura. We had a night in the teens last night, and I've been chilled all day. My hands are frozen on the keyboard even now!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving up there in the great north woods! I'm thinking of you. :)

  7. Being snowed in sounds so cozy and wonderful at the moment! On rare days like that, its good to just snuggle in and enjoy the little simple things. Last year we had a blizzard Christmas Eve and were snowed in all the next day. It was one of the sweetest Christmases I've celebrated in time remembered.
    I'm looking forward to your books and hearing more about your stories!~

  8. Heather, we don't get snowed in here often, so when it happens I try to do just that, snuggle in and enjoy.

    "I'm looking forward to your books and hearing more about your stories!"

    Thanks for that! Sometimes it seems like a very long wait. Other times, I can put it all out of my mind and focus on the story in front of me. Working on the first edit of Willa and Neil's story now.