Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things (that I'm looking forward to)

Thought I would share a few things I'm looking forward to in the coming days, weeks, and months.

On the writing front, I'm looking forward to printing The Quiet in the Land in hard copy and reading it for the first time ever, straight through. I'll print it on Sunday and start reading Monday the 15th, hoping to catch any macro edit issues I'll need to address in the coming weeks.

I'm also looking forward to a trip this weekend to the Oregon Caves, with my husband and some of his Boy Scouts. I've lived here nearly 18 years, have stayed overnight at the rustic inn there, hiked in the mountains surrounding them, but have never actually been inside the caves.

A few more things I'm looking forward to:

Josh Groban's new album, Illuminations, releases November 15. Four of the songs have already released on his website. My favorite of the four is Higher Window. Scroll down to the "soundcloud" to listen to them all.

Tangled, in theaters November 24. This one stars (voice of) Zachary Levi, one of my favorite actors, and model for my character, Neil MacGregor, in TQITL. He's going to sing!

Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in theaters December 10. The effects on this one look incredible!

Last but not least, Laura Frantz's next Kentucky frontier novel, The Colonel's Lady, releasing summer 2011.

Laura gave me permission to share her gorgeous cover here. Visit her blog to read more. Having been blessed to read this book in its early stages, I'm so pleased with how Revell designed the cover.

What are you looking forward to? Music? Movies? Trips? Books? Share them in the comments!


  1. Oooh, the cave trip sounds like fun! Can't wait to see some pictures. :)

    Let's see...there are TONS of things I'm looking forward too in the coming weeks on the music and movies front. Musically, I'm looking forward to Josh Groban's new album too, as well as Keith Urban's new project. Movie-wise I can't wait to see Harry Potter #7, part one - oh, I am excited about that one! Also looking forward to Tangled (go Zach Levi!) and Dawn Treader. And it absolutely goes without saying that I can't wait for Laura's new book - the cover is absolutely breath-taking!

  2. Lori, Looking forward to seeing how your read-through of Willa goes:) It's always a delight to do that like a real reader. Your first drafts are always so beautiful that I think you'll be very happy. Love the anticipation in this post! Adn thanks so much for having my new cover here. You are a dear! Enjoy that trip - looks so inspiring and beautiful!

  3. I'm soooo looking forward to my daughter's new musical at the Cabaret in Ashland, OR--and a few lunch dates with dear gal pals I don't see too often or at least never long enough--then I'm looking forward to going to talk with the young mama's group since I'm an old grandma now--then a few Xmas bazaars!!! Also a Graduation into Glory for a dear friend who died at 92--miss him so, but will see him later. Who will call me Beautiful now, and then tease me unmercifully? There's a girl's night out comin' up at Camelot, with pizza dinner beforehand! Bible studies 'n Sunday School classes 'n time spent with the Lord! Annual Thanksgiving with a huge extended family in Eugene--wow! And getting back with my Yada pals What a great couple weeks before we slam into December with all of it's holyday-ness! Whooppppppeeee! Oh, forgot about books 'n movies! Got stacks of books and wanna go see Secretariat!

  4. These are indeed some lovely favorite things! I love that so many nice things happen around this time of year. And I am impatiently waiting for Laura's new book!
    I'm looking forward to taking my daughter to see the ballet for the first time, The Nutcracker. I know she will love it! Also looking forward to holiday foods! And putting up my tree :)

  5. Thanks for sharing some of you upcoming fun everyone.

    Heather, you're right, lots of great stuff this time of year, the holiday season. Always great music, fellowship, and just a special focusing on our Savior that is so sweet. Just block out all that commercialization! :)

    Patti I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, as some friends out in the Applegate have invited us all for the day. Should be SO much fun, and I get to bake my huckleberry lemon cake for a new crowd.

    Laura, bless you for looking forward to what comes of Willa. I'm a little nervous, but looking forward to it also. Can't wait to just read it straight through finally.

    Ruth, how could I forget Harry Potter? You know, I haven't been that impressed with the movies so far, though I really enjoyed the books. But this next one looks like it might finally capture the magic. :)