Saturday, October 16, 2010

What I'd do if....

If I had an extra $450.00 plus $13.00 for shipping lying around somewhere getting dusty, here's what I'd be sorely tempted to do with it.

I love that dress!  I would wear it to the formal banquet at the next ACFW conference I attend.

No dusty dollars--not even one--lying about, alas.

Edited to say the above link isn't working now, as I believe that dress has already sold on ebay. That was fast. But you can still see photos of it at my friend Laura's blog here:


  1. Lori, We're cross-posting about this same item! Oh glorious ebay! I've never been on before but they have some tempting stuff. If wishes were fishes and dollars were donuts...

  2. Laura, I've been on ebay but don't think I've ever purchased anything there (maybe long, long ago). I buy books on all the time though. That's part of ebay but there's no bidding involved. It's more like Amazon, where the price is set but you can get new and used books there.

    I just love that dress, though. Normally I'm more attracted to the everyday attire/costume, but that one is lovely.

  3. And I think it must have already sold, because when I click over to it the dress flashes on the screen briefly, then a message saying the listing has ended. Wonder if between us posting about it today, we made a sale for that seller? :)

  4. OH MY! I hope the buyer has a 30 inch waist! I see that it's history this morning...
    BTW, don't buy that book I told you about:)

  5. Laura, well, I won't then! :)