Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black moments, baking, and grocery coupons

There's nothing to compare to the exhilaration of nearing the end of writing a novel, at least not in my writing life. I'm in the throes of that exhilaration now.

I blew past my usual lunchtime break of 12pm today, since I was in the heat of writing/tweaking the current scene from The Quiet in the Land/Willa. This past week I've taken two of my main characters through their black moment--that point in the story just before, or sometimes during, the climax scenes when all seems lost--and brought one of them through to a partial resolution (her inner journey is nearly complete, though the external one has a few more beats to work through).

There's one more significant character who needs to experience his black moment, but that will have to wait for tomorrow and Saturday, and likely part of next week, too. I'm all played out for today. Wrung like a dishrag, if I might use that old cliche.

But I feel like celebrating. That means baking. I have a belated birthday cake on order (huckleberry lemon pound cake) but I feel like trying something new as well. Time to leaf through my recipe box and Southern Living Cake recipe book and see what calls to be created. Cooking, and most of all baking, is another creative outlet I like to indulge whenever possible (counterbalanced by a 100 or so miles on the stationary bike each week).

So look out Fred Meyer, here I come with my 10% off everything coupon that expires this Saturday (so nice of you to send me that!). But of course I know the perils of food shopping on an empty stomach, so first things first. Lunch.


  1. Way to go, Lori! You're having your cake writing and then eating it, too:)

  2. Congratulations on getting two of your characters through their black moments. I understand how draining that can be. I'm often a teary mess afterward. Did you weep, or are you made of stronger stuff than I am?

    Have fun baking that cake. I take it the birthday cake is for someone else. Isn't your special day October 31st?

  3. Laura, it's a win/win! :)

  4. Keli, the cake is for a friend, whose birthday fell while I was away at ACFW. I promised her a cake and I am soooo late on the delivery!

    I wish I could confine my baking mania to my own or others birthdays, but it's just not possible. It would be like forcing myself to write only once a week!

    Yes, I'm a Halloween baby, with a half hour to spare. I've always wondered if that isn't why I have such a fascination with the Celts, and all things Scottish and Welsh, it being the eve of the old Celtic Feast day of Samhain

    PS: I got the book this afternoon. Thank you!

  5. Keli, I meant to answer, I do cry over these scenes, but very rarely as I write the first draft. I'm too concerned with getting it out of my head. There are certain scenes, however, that I've been known to cry over on every draft after that first one, even unto the twentieth... thirtieth?

    And yes, I did tear up today on the second pass. I likely will even worse when I go over the scene again tomorrow!