Friday, September 10, 2010

Me, not blogging, or... a Writer's Mental Health

I'm not blogging. Really. I'm still on my blogging break beavering away at my novel, and figuring out what I need to print off and how many copies because I'm not taking my laptop to the ACFW conference (computer free for 8 days!!!), and what will I wear to the banquet?

I just thought readers of this blog would find this article on writers and mental health interesting. Or alarming. Typical for a writer, I find it both. :)


  1. I will look at it, thank you.


  2. Interesting and very very disturbing!
    Now I really was going to ask to meet you and have tea, after your writer's conference, really I was! But now for sure I'm doing it! LOL
    What do you think? October sometime?
    I've just finished by first Charles Martin book, "Where the River Ends". It was sooo good, you were right about him!
    So having the same taste in books and having both had cancer, I'd love to meet you. I suspect we have much in common.
    Enjoy your conference.

  3. Becky, so glad you are enjoying Charles Martin's books. I haven't read WTRE, but am on my third, Chasing Fireflies. I have another to take along next week. I'm still loving TMBU best, though, so far. I'm sure we can plan a tea date once I get back. Hard to believe we haven't crossed paths at ACF!

    Do you like historical fiction? Have you read Laura Frantz's books yet?

  4. I hear you...there's so much to get done for the conference:) Perhaps we'll cross paths...and I'm not sure if that article is disturbing or interesting;)