Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jane Austen, read for you by....

Do you have a cup of coffee? Are you sitting comfortably? Then take a little break and watch actor Dominic West read an excerpt from Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice:

You'll find it 11:26 minutes well spent.

Want more? Watch actor Greg Wise read an excerpt from Persuasion:

This one is fifteen minutes in length. You'll wish it was longer.

Many, many thanks to author Kaye Dacus (The Ransome Trilogy) for alerting me to this site today.


  1. I could listen to that Greg Wise clip over and over and over and over . . .

  2. Kaye, I was actually prepared to giggle at them, but a few minutes into the first one (Greg Wise, North & South), I was ready to go get that cup of coffee, though I'd already had my one cup for the day, and watch another one. And another one. And I did in fact watch a couple of them twice already. Very well done.

  3. If only I could afford to hire one or two of them (or maybe even Paul McGann) to read ten or fifteen minutes of each of my books as a marketing tool on my website. Could you imagine . . . ?

  4. That would be awesome, Kaye. And I'd have Zachary Levi read some from The Quiet In The Land, or even Kindred. I know he can do a spot on Scottish accent, I've heard him.

  5. Love the readings on the Carte Noire site...such a wonderful marketing tool! And it added many bright spots to my work day on Friday... :)

  6. Ruth, I think the most fun I had was watching the P&P one with my hubby. He's a real P&P fan (the A&E version, though he liked the newer one too), but at first I could tell he wasn't planning to be "into" the reading. Then after about 60 seconds, he SO was.