Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Blogging Break

I'm taking a little break from blogging for the next two weeks, in order to buckle down and get as much work done on Willa in this last week before the ACFW conference as possible. If I don't post a note before I leave for Indianapolis, I certainly will when I get home.

Just a quick update on what's happening with Kindred and Willa (aka The Quiet in the Land). Proposals for both have been submitted by my agent to several publishing houses for consideration. No news at all yet on that front. I don't know how long this time of waiting will be (weeks? months?), but I do know both stories are in God's hands--and what a huge comfort that is whenever I get a little nervous about them. How cool to be able to trust that He's looking after them, and I don't need to fret over it for one second. Meanwhile, I'm keeping busy with research and work on Willa (I'm in the last quarter of the first draft), and getting excited about the conference, and all the on line friends I'll finally be meeting in person.

Hope to see you in Indy!


  1. Good luck, Lori! I hope both the writing and the conference go well for you. :-)

  2. Thank you Rachel. :) Writing so far is going well. Conference will pull me out of my solitary shell, and that's all for the good. I'm combining it with a research road trip with a friend, and I know from experience THAT part will be a blast.