Monday, August 09, 2010

One Sheets

The ACFW conference is approaching quickly. Well, it feels like that anyway, even though it's still five weeks before I leave. Much to do! Part of getting ready for a conference for me is creating one sheets for my works in progress. And since I had them ready, this time around my agent sent them along with the proposals for Kindred and The Quiet in the Land (Willa) to several editors this past weekend. I'm now in a place of prayer and anticipation for what doors God might choose to open in the coming weeks and months.

My one sheets are based on a design I found on Dineen Millers' website. I created them as a Word document, although the author bio side bar (on the left) collage was created using PhotoImpressions 6, before it was pasted into Word.

I'm no computer graphic expert, that's for sure. Likely there are far better ways to go about creating a one sheet than trying to do it in Word! But there you go.


  1. Looks great, Lori! Will be praying for open doors for you this conference! And I hope I have the chance to meet you!

  2. Jody, looking forward to meeting you too. Maybe we'll end up in the same workshop one of those days. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  3. Those look great and sound terrific! Praying for open doors so I can read these soon. :)

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    They look good, Lori!

    I've always used MS Publisher for mine, simply because I find Word so much harder to work in with graphics and text boxes. I've never been able to get Word to make something look like what you've accomplished. Good job!

  5. Thanks, Ruth!

    Kaye, Thank you! Yes, Word did some strange things during the process, and I ended up fighting with it more than once. I'll check out MS Publisher.

  6. Lori, Those look fantastic. I studied that site a good deal too. I'm learning how to get more computer savvy through this whole process.

    Looking forward to meeting you.
    ~ Wendy

  7. Wendy, Thank you! I enjoy the design part of doing one sheets, but the doing-it-on-computer part doesn't come naturally to me.

    I'm getting excited for this conference. It's starting to feel "real." :) See you soon!

  8. Your one sheets look great, Lori! And I can't wait to read the novels - I loved reading the descriptions and I'm already hooked!!

  9. Carla, thank you! That's so encouraging. :)

  10. Lori, stumbled upon your one sheets via google search and can I just say how happy this makes me to see!! Such a beautiful part of your beginnings and now your books have gone on to do such incredible things and mean so much to so many people! I dare say I'm up too late working on a one sheet, so now I'll tote myself to bed with a smile at seeing Willa's early stages. OOH! And I gave Burning Sky to my assistant today for her birthday. I dare say she was excited to dig in!!

    1. This was a flash from the past! Thanks for gifting Burning Sky to your assistant. :)