Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Super!

Okay, the deal is you can have one super power. Anything at all. But only one. What do you choose?

Being the language geek I am, I choose to be able to instantly speak the language of anyone I meet, anywhere, anytime. Sort of like having a specialized Language-Only Intersect in my head, and when I meet someone who doesn't speak English (the only language I know) as soon as I hear them say something I would "flash" (ala Chuck Bartowski), and there it is, their language in my head. And we talk. Cool.

And while I'm immensely grateful for all the folk who have translated phrases for me over the years and don't know that I would have attempted some of the characters I have without them, it would also come in handy when I want to write a line of dialogue in French, or German, or Gaelic, or even Broad Scots, which I don't seem to be able to stop myself from attempting for some reason.

Anyone else got a hankering for a super power on this crazy-hot (at least in my town) summer day? Leave a comment. Let's play "what if."


  1. Your Language-Only-Intersect sounds like an amazing super power to have! Reminds me of tongues of fire!

    As for me, I'd like a super charged memory with a special filter to have bad memories covered in grace. I'd love to be able to have better retention of the things that I learn. I'm a knowledge fiend, but I don't know where it all goes! I think I lost the plug to my memory center.

    :( my last post never showed up, I think I forgot to catcha.

  2. Carla, selective memory retention. Yes. That would probably be second on my list, and far more practical for everyday usage too! Since chemo my memory has been more than a bit swiss cheesey. The discipline muscle is stronger for it, though. :)

    As for posts not showing up, I'm using comment moderation so they wait in Blogger-limbo until I see them. I'm still getting spammed regularly, and this is the only means I can keep that garbage from being published. This message I'm responding to is the only one of yours I found this morning when I checked in so perhaps something did go agley.

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I love this question!

    My superpower? To be invisible. Imagine all the things you could learn :)


  4. Christi, Oh, for a ring with the power to make one invisible, huh?

    Maybe not THAT particular ring. :)

  5. Agley - now there's a good Scots word!

    Invisible, hmmmm, that could be interesting, too. You could sneak into a lot of museums that way and stay as long as you want.

  6. Light bulb moment. The one super power any one of us can harness is prayer. It's amazing what a little intercession can accomplish. And if I really believe that God wants to hear from me, is ready and willing to partner with me in seeing His will done in the lives of people I pray for, why would I ever want to stop? Knowing every language on earth would connect me with people, but prayer does that too. I talk to God about someone, and their life is changed in some way. Eternally. Even if I never see how that plays out in this life, once we shed this constraint called Time, I will.

  7. Time travel. I would stop making mistakes, lasting ones, and if I was bored, I'd travel to meet all my favorite characters from history.

  8. Time travel... good one. I'd find it very hard to turn that down (as long as it wasn't involuntary and, um, otherwise inconvenient, ala Henry from TTTW). Would put a whole new spin on historical research.

  9. PS: much more inclined to try Diana Gabaldon's theory of time travel!