Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I've been quiet this week, I know. Right on the heels of Monday's interview, which was a delightful and fun experience, I found myself required to do another fast, furious and major edit to my agented novel, Kindred. So that's what I've been doing this week, and not a whole lot else. That word count is going to drop into the 120ks, and I'm taking my holiday weekend to do it.

I did want to share a writing blog I just learned of, Linda Claire's Writing Tips. I took a look at it this morning and believe it would be a help to many writers, especially those still finding their writing legs. Linda also does book reviews and author interviews. So check it out!

Last night I watched the last installment of the HBO miniseries, John Adams, for the third time (our library has a copy, so I'm blessed to be able to check it out now and then when I want to ogle the wonderful 18th century costumes and settings), my reward for knocking a couple more thousand words off Kindred.

How many of you learned late in life, as I did, that the last surviving signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both lived to see the 50th anniversary of that momentous date of July 4th, 1776... and that both men died on that day, July 4th, 1826, within hours of each other?

If it was written that way in a novel I think it would be hard to swallow. And it is a wonder to me that it should have happened so, that these men, once friends who helped forge a nation, then divided for decades by politics and hurt, should have rekindled their friendship through letters in their last years on earth, and died on the anniversary of that nation's birth, one with the name of the other on his lips. To me it's one of the greatest human stories in our nation's history.

Wishing you a Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Hi Lori,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Yours is very cool too. All the best to you on your novel. I hope you'll stop by my site often. Blessings,
    Linda Clare
    Linda Clare's Writing Tips @

  2. Hi Lori, Thanks for the mention!
    Linda Clare

  3. Thanks Linda. You have some great tips! I particularly liked the one on symbolism. So true, something to let happen organically or not at all. Otherwise it comes off heavy handed. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I remember seeing the promos for the John Adams series, but I don't have HBO so I was unable to see it.
    Now I'm off to my local library to see if they have it.
    Thanks for the tip,

  5. Christi,

    We don't have cable, so most of these shows we have to catch via Netflix. But I always check my library first, because they're building a great selection of DVDs like John Adams, or anything history-related, or literary-related. Any book made into a movie, any movie loosely related to a book. All those wonderful period/costume dramas. Which is largely what I like to watch.

    Hope you find it!