Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Weather or not

Happy Tuesday. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Our church meets in an outdoor amphitheater in summer, once the spring rains have stopped (usually from Mother's Day on), but on Easter Sunday we all pile out there together, sometimes in the craziest of weather.

The forecast for last Sunday was for rain/wind/snow and highs in the 40s. Bonfires were lit beside the baptismal pool and most folks arrived bundled up in layers. What we ended up getting was a chilly, breezy, partly sunny few hours, just enough time for our service and the baptisms that followed. A lovely day to celebrate our Risen Savior.

Then we took our dog up a few thousand feet to walk along a reservoir dam, right about the time the weather finally arrived. Snow on Easter! Pretty typical for southern Oregon.

Video of the Easter service at Applegate Christian Fellowship. Link is in the lefthand column.

And Kindred is down to 137,000 words!


  1. Impressive, Lori! The atmosphere is wonderful,just my style. Is Applegate a Calvary Bible church? I enjoyed looking at the websites and watching some of the Easter video. I love the coffee house, too. Looks like a good place for gathering. Our church is one of the largest in our area, in a beautifully rennovated movie theater. Even though it's huge, there is limited room for the sunday school areas so we have to share lots of spaces, it would be awesome to have a coffee area. My brother's church on the other hand, has a Starbucks, and an area where you can watch the service remotely and eat breakfast at the same time.

    Good going on your whittling project! :)

  2. Carla, Our pastor came from Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa... 30-35 years ago. He was part of the Jesus movement back in the 70s. We moved 3000 miles to be part of this fellowship, 17 years ago. We have to deal with space-sharing issues too. Having multiple weekend and weekday services, especially thru the winter, takes care of it. And in the dry season we're all outside together, where we just about fit. :)

  3. Wow, that's dedication! It's worth it to have great Bible teaching. I love it that you can enjoy services outdoors, even if it's still chilly. It reminds me of Jesus teaching outdoors to the multitudes. What it would have been like to sit at Jesus' feet and hear him teach in person! Though, it amazes me that we can still "sit" with him and hear his voice.

  4. Ah, more like... utter need. :-) Jesus said blessed are those who believe, yet haven't seen him. That's us! Not in the flesh, anyway. We'll get to see him soon too, but if I had to trade having his Spirit indwelling for being able to follow Jesus around on earth and actually see and hear him... no trade. Well, maybe for a day, if I could then trade back again quick. :-) I think we have the best of both, his presence with us now, yet that grand and glorious face-to-face moment that's coming for us all who have walked with him sight-unseen.