Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Between getting my own new desk and thinking about quiet spaces that inspire (thanks to Laura Frantz's post today) I came across this video of author Laurie Halse Anderson's new writing space. I've enjoyed several of Anderson's historicals for YA readers, the two latest ones being

Fever 1793


Take a look at Anderson's journey of creating the perfect writer's retreat. A girl can dream....


  1. What a perfect writer's retreat! (Though I'm afraid I'd spend way too much time staring out that beautiful window). :)

  2. Love this, Lori! Rose window and green and wood scheme and all. I have the trees but not much else. Will have to check this writer out as she said the magic words "American Revolution." Bless you today!

  3. Whew, for two days now I've had very spotty internet connection. My provider is having issues. So I'll post a quick reply and hope it works.

    Laura, I think you'll like LHA's books. I've only read those two, but they were both very good.

    Sallie, I agree there comes a point where one might have too much perfection in a writing space and want to inhabit it more than we want to inhabit our story world. :) But that said....

    Caroline, she's a blessed writer!