Sunday, January 17, 2010

High Calling

More great devotional thoughts from Marcia Laycock, at Novel Matters blog today.
"It is a high calling, one not to be taken lightly, one not to be used to grow our own egos but to act as the conduit for God's purposes. He has purposes for our words -- purposes that involve people we may never meet...."


  1. Lori, This is so true and heartfelt. Our egos only get in the way of His glory. Most readers won't tell you what your book meant to them. Sometimes it can't be put into words. Imagine that:) I can't think of the times I've been moved or impacted by a book but would never have contacted the author to tell them. There's a lesson in that, I guess. But the most important thing is what's been stated here. God knows and it's His game and His glory, after all.

  2. Laura, I love Marcia Laycock's Sunday devotional posts at Novel Matters. I might not make it by that blog every day of the week, but I always try extra hard on Sundays.

    "Our egos only get in the way of His glory." Oh, how true! May it be to an ever lessening degree.