Thursday, January 28, 2010

cold-induced musings on desks old and new

I'm wishing I had writing news to share, or the energy to think of something else worthwhile and writing-related to blog about today. And another box of Kleenex. I have a cold, and have expended what energy I had today on WILLA. One more first draft scene down, many, many more to go. Which reminds me, yesterday I added a WIP meter over in the sidebar, to show my progress on WILLA. Now you can all see how slow I write a first draft!

What else is happening? After 15+ years sitting at an ergonomically unsuitable particle board desk, my right shoulder is screaming uncle. Therefore I will soon be Trading Spaces. I'm excited and a little nervous. Will the new desk and side table look as well in my house as I think they will? Will I be able to arrange the pieces like the ones I have now, or will I end up facing a wall, instead of the rest of the room and the windows beyond? I'm such a creature of habit, merely facing a different direction could throw me off my writing game.

But I've been at this old desk for too long. It's worn and ugly and has done harmful things to my shoulder... but like Mma Ramotswe's tiny white van, it has supported me through a good chunk of my writing life, through cancer, recovery, and too many projects to count. Will I feel like I betrayed it by letting my husband take apart its rickety components and send them to their final particle board resting place?

Maybe for a instant!

I hope to post a photo of my new writing space once the dust has settled. That will be next month sometime. Meanwhile I will savor the anticipation and point you to a fun discussion about the qualities of a Heart-stopping Hero on historical author Laura Frantz's blog. Go chime in if you haven't already. And be sure to read the comments.


  1. I can sense your excitement about your desk - heck, I'm excited about your desk:) Glad you're not so under the weather you can't write. Hate when that happens. I think your new writing space will inspire you on to newer heights! Praying you feel better soon. And thanks so much for the mention! That's so very nice of you - it sure has been a lively discussion this time.

  2. Thanks for prayers! I think this will be a mild thing and I'll be bouncing back in time for the weekend. That's my plan, anyway.

  3. You won't really be sorry to see it go. ;-) I sit at our modified entertainment center. Stick the laptop where the TV is supposed to go. We detached a shelf and stuck it under the computer so I could pull it out. So, I have desk envy. And I say, I can't imagine you mourning it for TOO long!

    Get better soon! (now is preferable)

  4. Maisey, I'm feeling better today and I think you are right about that desk! I've had desk envy of other writers' spaces for well over a decade. :)