Saturday, November 14, 2009

On A Saturday

What I did today, between bouts of editing......

And then I made happy frog cookies.....

Getting there with the decorating. These were a trial batch. I'm attempting to perfect a winter scarf. I love baking, and find it another fun creative outlet, especially when I'm listening to a good audio book.

Today's book, THE LOST ART OF GRATITUDE, an Isabel Dalhousie novel, by Alexander McCall Smith. Set in Scotland and read by Davina Porter, one of my favorite readers.


  1. Oh Lori,
    A blissful Saturday, looks like! You are a great baker! Don't lose touch with that amidst all the writing. I have and am trying to get it back. Bought a blank recipe book this weekend and have been having a grand time writing favorite recipes therein!

    I love Willa's authentic-looking title and subtitle, etc. Makes me want to read right now! How did you do that! Add computer-savvy to your list of accomplishments!

  2. Laura,

    I get disgruntled if I don't bake, almost as bad as if I am prevented from writing. It's nearly as strong a compulsion. I need a creative outlet to go along with writing that doesn't demand anything of me much mentally, something I can do while listening to an audio book (so I'm filling the creative well while being creative). It used to be painting, then scrapbooking, now baking.

    For the title page, I found an old paper photo on Flickr and then added the text. :) I'm really not that computer savvy. I wish I was. I'd love to be like Carla and know HTML, and build websites.

  3. I love it, Lori! You did a great job. It does look so authentic. Sometimes I like to make book covers for my stories for some inspiration.

    I love those adorable froggie cookies. As for me, I'm better on the computer than in the kitchen. I like to bake, but I'm a compulsive burner of foods. I get distracted by my writing and web projects. This is not a funny matter.

  4. Oh, did I mention I'm a daughter of a home economics teacher? 'Tis a shame.

  5. Thanks Carla. You've inspired me to fiddle around with a mock-up cover for Kindred, although I don't have the sort of photo manipulation programs I think would be necessary to produce my vision.

    Do you have a favorite photo site, like Flickr?

    And I'm a granddaughter of a seamstress who can't sew worth a lick, for all her trying!