Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daydreaming Cover Art

While thinking of putting together a wish list of cover photo and art for KINDRED, I stumbled across a particular photo on Flickr yesterday, and have finally pulled myself away from staring at it to post a link to it here.


If you're so inclined, go take a look. I'm going back to stare at it some more. The girl needs a bit more clothes on, and curlier hair. Otherwise she is SO Seona. I won't even go into the whole "rivers as boundaries," and "crossing rivers" symbolism that permeates the story.

Yes I will. Here's a brief snip, one of many:

Copyright 2009 Lori Benton

“Da’s Highland-born, from a place called Glendessary, but he went to Inverness to be a bookbinder. That’s where one of my Lindsay uncles met him. My uncle brought Da home to their croft in Aberdeen. I suppose the family thought an acquaintance with a fellow hailing from the wild Highlands fine and good, but when that fellow took a fancy to their sister…. Well, Mam was old enough to marry, but they insisted she was needed at home.” He shrugged. “True enough, but so was their wanting to wed.”

“She liked him back?” I felt foolish in asking, like a child caught up in a story. Inverness… Glendessary… Aberdeen. Here we stood, hands bound and clasping, yet I felt like Ian stood across some wide river, trying to tell me what was over on his side. A leaf fell between us, landing on my hand, a splash of yellow. Ian turned our palms so it dropped into the cup of our fingers.

“Aye, she liked him back,” he said, with a look I felt down to my toes. Just that quick, he’d crossed back over that river to me.

[end snip]


  1. Ah, it's Seona, not Willa! Very evocative picture. Ethereal yet earthy. I love it when pictures give us bursts of inspiration. Your text is quite nice, also:)

  2. Gorgeous! I love it!

  3. In all the years I've worked on this novel, this is the first photo I've ever seen that stopped me in my tracks, as if I'd FF to some point in the future and was looking at Kindred on a store shelf.

    Oh, it's nice to daydream. But, cart before the horse and all that. :)

  4. And does anyone know why Followers have not been showing up on my blog the past day or so? I mean, over in the sidebar, that section where avatars should be is blank. Is it my blog or is it Blogger?

  5. Lovely images, Lori. Both the photo and the one you've painted with your words.

  6. Laura,
    Fooled you. :) I still consider Kindred a WIP too, since I'm editing it again. I should have been more clear in my post on your blog. Hee hee. Glad you like it.

  7. Sallie,

    Thank you! I've actually contacted the photographer to see if I can purchase a print of that photo. I want it by my while I work!

  8. LOVELY TO READ THIS (it's Ashley from Bottle Bell (my picture ;)

    Sounds amazing (what you are writing)

  9. Hi Ashley. I can't wait to have my very own copy sitting by my desk (on my wrought iron book stand) while I work. Such a gorgeous, moody, evocative photo. I love your work!