Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Characters Clamor

Take five days off from writing to tend to a surgery-recovering spouse, ignore the cast of characters who had just been let loose on the page for the first time when I stopped last Wednesday, and boy do they have a lot to say. I had to run around the house this morning clutching a notepad and pen, stopping in the middle of making breakfast, riding the bike, feeding the dog, making the bed, cleaning up last night's detritus from my MIL's 83rd birthday party, to scribble story notes--snatches of dialogue and character struggles, a bit of violent stage business, Willa's unexpected ferocity and Neil's humiliation and Anni's blind spot, and the bit out of Job that I think will end the current chapter--fast, fast, fast before I lost it all.

So nice. My characters wouldn't shut up this morning, starting at 5am. It was a blessing, for which I promptly thanked the Lord (I was in the middle of praying when it started; my characters are no respecters of my privacy).

As disjointed as it made my morning from devotions onward, it is SO much better than coming to the computer as a blank slate and having to fight my way back into the writing, which is often the case for me after taking so many days off in a row.

Happy writer today!


  1. Love when you wake up hearing those type voices:) Sounds like they missed you as much as you missed them. Love the photo! And your post title:)
    Happy you had a stellar writing day. Praying for you that way.

  2. That's a huge reason why today was a good one. Thank you! And... ditto. :)

  3. PS: the photo was taken at an 18th century house in NC, called House in the Horseshoe. I went there to research Kindred, because this house seemed the closest I could find in size and style to Mountain Laurel. This shot might have been taken by my friend Doree. I have them all mixed up in my files now and it's been a few years. That was a fun day.

  4. Oh, loud characters!! I can get so lost in my own little world. Fortunately, it makes housework more bearable to have a wonderful dialogue going on in your head! (and it's nice to have the constant company!)

    Writing: keeping the multiple personality disorder at bay one page at a time!

  5. "Writing: keeping the multiple personality disorder at bay one page at a time!"

    Ha. It does seem that way at times doesn't it? I recently answered the question about why I write that, in part, it's to give all the people in my head someplace else to live.