Friday, October 09, 2009

Last night I had the strangest dream...

Last night I dreamed that an agent left me a long and rambling phone-message*.... rejection.

As a fellow writer told me, "Welcome to writer anxiety dreams."

*Which, by the way, I got a good chuckle over. :)


  1. I had a very similar dream the other night. I dreamed an editor that worked for my editor called and said they basically hated the rewrite I did on my MS. I tried to be nice and ask what they didn't like and she said 'plot, character, pretty much everything.' then proceeded to tear apart individual scenes. SO glad to wake up and find it was all just a dream...

  2. What a relief to wake up from that one, Maisey.

    This was the first such dream I'd ever had, in nearly twenty years of writing. My usual writing dreams are more along the lines of editing or reading over ms pages. Even in the rejection dream, I was more surprised and puzzled than disappointed.

    I believe when the time is right God will open a door for publication. And if He doesn't, for all my knocking, I don't want to go busting down doors that are closed to me for a reason.

    So when I do get a rejection, it's just a matter of moving on to the next door. Or the next story to tell. That's where the joy comes from for me anyway, even though I would love for others to read my writing, and be well entertained for a few hours, or touched in a more lasting way, seeing something of the Father in what I've written.

    And unless I sound too sanguine *s*, anxieties are there, though mine are probably a bit different from most aspiring authors'. I keep putting them in their place, which is underneath the assurance that God isn't going to let me break down a door only to tangle with something that's going to do me harm... if I keep listening, and being patient.