Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Proposal

This morning I'm finishing up a proposal for Kindred, requested by an agent I met back in April, at Mount Hermon.

Every agent requests the material included in a proposal in a slightly different form. This agent's guidelines, available on his website, are quite detailed and asked some really good questions to help distill a story down to its essence. I don't find this process easy, but it's certainly valuable and I think something I'll improve upon with practice.

He asked for the first 50 pages. It's been a couple of months since I last looked at them, so I decided to edit through them before printing them out. Glad I did. I trimmed out another 700 words from the section (the first 6 chapters), and shortened the ms by two pages. Makes me think another full blown edit is in order, but... I'll wait on that. I could keep trimming line by line and probably make a fairly respectable dent in the word count, but I still feel there are some macro edits that could be done, should be done first. I don't have the eyes to see just what those are at present, which is why I set Kindred aside to work on Willa. For now. Whenever I have a plan of attack, I'll delve back into K.

Now I must go think about things like Promo Sentences, Sales Handles, Back Cover Copy and my Purpose For Writing This Novel.


  1. Praying for wisdom and editing guidance.

  2. Thank you Lisa. I need both. :-)