Friday, May 08, 2009

May Goals

Over on the Books & Writers Community forum they do a monthly writing goals update. I don't usually post mine. This month I did.

May goals for me: finish editing Kindred down as low as I can possibly get it, without doing a butchering job. It stands at 186K now (started at 325K), while prospective agent reads the first half of the manuscript, and I wait to hear back from a second agent.

Also begin plotting/brainstorming/daydreaming about the sequel (which I'm calling Over Jordan, at the moment) and/or possibly another stand-alone novel I began many years ago and abandoned, but now have other ideas about.

Continue early research for OJ, in conjunction with figuring out a Plot.

PS: Doree, you are visitor 1793 to this blog. That's the year Kindred begins. Huzzah! I've been waiting to see who it would be. I shall send you a book, to mark the occasion.


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Thanks, Lori! I am much honored. :-)

    It's exciting to hear how you are thinking ahead to a sequel, or if not that, a different project. Do I know this abandoned, stand-alone you speak of?

    Oh and let me know if, during your research, you'd like a traveling partner. Have apricots, will travel!

  2. Doree,

    The other book is the one set in Tillamook. But I think... I'd rather press on with the Kindred sequel. I was discussing it with the agent who has shown interest, and I mentioned that I didn't want to get too far into writing and researching the next big historical until it looked like Kindred was going to be marketable. So, I'm easing into it over the next month while I wait to hear from the agent. That should give me enough time to either get hooked and say, "Who cares? I'm writing it anyhow." or decide to go back to Neil and Kerri, in Tillamook. A _hopefully_ shorter book. But you know me. If there's a way to make it too long, I just might find it.

    As for a research trip. It would be to New York, and don't think I haven't thought about another road trip. I have. :-)

  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Can't wait to see what the month of May brings! :-)