Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Next Hill To Climb

As I mentioned in one of my conference recaps, one of the agents I met with at Mount Hermon recommended I cut another significant chunk of words from the ms... and then I was welcome to submit again.

I'm looking at 150,000 words as a goal now. It seems even more impossible, without a total rewrite, than my earlier goal of 200,000. I'm clinging to that aforementioned agent's assessment that Kindred is overwritten (still!!). On the positive side, this means there's still line-by-line room for editing. I have it down to nearly 195,000 now, as I begin this new edit.

Also, I'm expecting a book in the mail another agent suggested might help me focus the storytelling. It's called The Moral Premise.


  1. Loved hearing about the conference! Someday I WILL make it there!

    I'm praying for your edit. It may seem impossible now, but I know you can do it, and K will be all the better for your hard work. Hang in there and remember you are a wonderful writer!!

  2. Joan, you would love Mount Hermon. And thank you! for your prayers. For the first few chapters I felt like it was a push to edit through it Yet Again. Then Ian met Seona....

    I still have passion for them, and I hope to bring that out on the page even more this go around.