Sunday, January 11, 2009

I could do an edit update....

... or wait a day or two until I'm finished with this edit pass. I'm nearly there. A few more chapters to go.

I can tell you now, though, I'm not going to make my goal of under 200,000 words. Not on this edit pass. Which means... I have to do another. I can't possibly start sending this book around to agents with a word count over 200,000. I'm not sure what the reception is going to be even if I do get it slightly under 200k.

But considering my total word count was well over 300k at one point (the starting word count total I'm using for this edit update, 286k, was the total after my first edit pass), I've done a pretty amazing cutting job.

Embarrassment abounds. I'm one wordy writer chick.

So, another edit pass is in store for the next few weeks. I'm going to try to go at a faster clip. Guess I'm getting impatient to have this book done (after nearly five years of work), and get it out there and see... will God open a door for it? Is there a place for it? I have some notes from a second beta reader to go over as I do the next pass. She's marked places she thinks cuts can be made.

I hope they're brutal.


  1. I'm one wordy writer chick.

    Is it that? Or is it that you just have a lot of story to tell?

  2. It's both, I think. This story does need room to breathe, but I'm still finding word clutter on my fourth edit pass. Mostly phrases or single words now, instead of sentences and paragraphs. Here and there a conversation that can be tightened up, and the point reached sooner.