Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow

A non-writing related post, except to say that while these photos were taken this afternoon, I was snug at home in a quiet house getting some writing done.

On Wagner Butte. Season's first snowfall. Photos by Brian.

Looking over the mountains to the west

Snow on Mt. Ashland. The skiers should be pleased.

Brian thought I would like this photo. He was right. Where's Bev Doolittle? Is there a face in those rocks?

But I like this one even more.
And my favorite....

Our new dog, Dargo, wearing his panniers.



  1. Lori,

    The rock photo - I had to study it awhile to conclude it was snow on top, and not some very large animal's saliva. I like the snow covered pines photo, too. It would not be as striking without that brilliant blue in the background. Dargo looks very handsome wearing his panniers. How much do they weigh?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love ya!

  2. Dargo is too cute! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  3. Doree,

    Dargo carries about 4 lbs of kibble in his panniers--two pounds each side. The packs work great at home too. Even removed of half their weight they act like an instant tranquilizer, when he gets over excited. It's the weirdest thing. We slip on the pack and his whole demeanor changes. He stands like a show dog while you put it on, and then he's so calm you can have lots of snuggling bonding time.

  4. I tried to post my comment last night but the it kept disconnecting. Grrrrr.....
    Anyway, hopefully it's working today! I LOVE the snow pictures! So beautiful and fresh. My favorite picture is also the one of Dargo. He looks so proud and handsome in the snow! Hope your trip to Lost Creek was fun!

  5. Anika,

    It was mostly good. We used to let Hiero walk unleashed on the dam, so of course we tried it with Dargo... who decided he'd rather chase a ground squirrel than hang with us! Luckily he can't get into too much trouble up there, but we weren't at all pleased that he didn't break off the chase when we thought he really ought to. :) This dog chases anything small that moves (squirrels, chipmunks, lizards, bugs), so we can't give him the freedom yet that we'd like to on walks. Hopefully in time we can break him of that chase instinct.

    He walks well on the leash though. Most of the time!