Monday, January 07, 2008

All's Quiet

All's quiet on the editing front. I'm letting the manuscript sit for a month, as I should have done during December, but didn't. My bad. So, I don't have a whole lot to be journaling about during this time, since I'm also doing my best to not even think about Ian and Seona and Thomas and Hugh and Lily....

I miss them.

Meanwhile, I dusted off an older, finished manuscript to give it a read through and polish. It's a children's story called BEAR COUNTRY. For years I've toyed with the idea of illustrating it, just for my own amusement. I've been doodling sketches and working on a mock up of page layouts. It's something fun to fill up the time I would otherwise be writing/editing KINDRED each day. Good to be doing art work again.

In another life, over 15 years ago now, I was a professional wildlife artist (a real Robert Bateman wanna be). Then the writing bug bit, around 1991, and I never could shake it. Except for the occasional small songbird portrait, painting has fallen by the wayside. BEAR COUNTRY bridges those two passions of painting and writing, and is, in fact, the story for which I began writing as an adult. It came to me during, or right after, my first trip to Montana (bear country) in 1987 (back then I was an east coaster).

BEAR COUNTRY has been with me a long time. Like everything I write, it's really too long for its intended audience. I did send it around to publishers, once upon a time, and got some glowing rejection letters, but no bites. After having a professional editor take a look at it and make some suggestions, which I wasn't sure at the time I really wanted to follow, I set it aside and began work on KINDRED, which I'm not meant to be thinking about....


  1. Hi Lori ~

    If you feel inclined to post excerpts from 'Bear Country', I have three children who will happily take a look. *s*

  2. Hey Sallie.

    Email me at lori _ benton 26 at hotmail dot com and I'll send you a snip.


  3. Thanks Lori! Email sent.

  4. I didn't know you were an artist, too! Would love to see some of your work.

    Sheesh, some people get all the talent. [g]

  5. Hi Beth,

    Heh, well. Musically I pretty much suck. Have never learned to play an instrument, and I have a slightly below average singing voice. So... looking around at what few paintings I have here (most were left with my mom, 3000 miles away, or sold at shows). Those that are left are not my best, but I'll see what I can do. I may have some old photos of long gone ones, too.

  6. And besides, Beth, you got way more than your fair share of talent when it comes to writing so I don't want to hear none of that from you!